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On the first season of Ready, Set, Grow, I sat down with marketing leaders and founders at some of the fastest-growing ecommerce brands to learn about the marketing strategies they’re using to scale their brands.

If you’re just tuning in, let’s take a look back at some of the lessons we learned over the past season.

1. Collect the right information to scale ongoing relationships

Turning one-time purchasers into repeat buyers doesn’t need to be rocket science.

An ongoing theme I heard from marketers this season was about how they were collecting important pieces of data that allowed them to continue building relationships with shoppers.

HYLETE and Rareform are two brands that are collecting data to improve their customer communications. Here’s a look at what they’re doing.

HYLETE, a performance apparel company, knew from the beginning that they wanted to custom-build every part of their marketing experience. They also knew that collecting data on their customers would allow them to scale their relationships with the many different types of customers they had.

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Because HYLETE offers many products and sells to a variety of personas, they decided to collect customer data by sending out quarterly surveys. This has helped the company create more targeted marketing on everything from sending customers the right product recommendations to showing photography that speaks directly to someone’s preferences.

At Rareform, a company that turns roadside billboards into bags, wallets, and other accessories, they’re using a “Coming Soon” page with a sign-up form to learn which of their subscribers is interested in purchasing a new product. This strategy not only allows them to know exactly who to target when the specific product is available, but it also helps them forecast sales and test out the pricing for new items.

"There have been a few times where we’re not settled on a particular price point but we might notice, ‘Hey, that coming soon list is actually a lot smaller than we anticipated. What if we drop the price by 10% and see if it increases the amount of sign-ups?’ And that’s a good way to know that price point was actually a deterrent for people so that’s why they’re not signing up."

Kara Morin, CMO, Rareform

Watch Rareform’s full episode.

In addition to the coming soon page, Rareform takes into account past purchase data to determine which customers they should target with an upcoming offer or promotion rather than sending out a mass deal.

2. Build a community to keep your audience engaged

When the founders of Sand Cloud first started, they knew that building a community around a mission was a safe bet to make sure their company would be around for the long haul.

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"We just knew that building a community of people who believe in your mission, and not just your products, is kind of how to build a successful company for the long term. Instead of just focusing on big Instagram influencers and people who have a lot of followers, we focused on the normal, everyday person who enjoyed the beach and we thought would like our mission."

Brandon Leibel, Co-founder, Sand Cloud

This led Sand Cloud to develop a brand ambassador program that helps spread their mission to clean the ocean and protect marine life. But it didn’t end there.

Sand Cloud not only uses its brand ambassadors for outreach, but they also actively engage with them when making decisions like what products, colors, and patterns they should launch next. By involving their community in these decisions, they’ve scaled the brand and kept customers happy along the way.

3. Anticipate the needs of your shoppers

Sometimes it’s a straightforward solution or idea that can lead to big growth. During this season of Ready, Set, Grow, I chatted with an apparel retailer and furniture company that both know how to anticipate the needs of their shoppers.

For Frankies Bikinis, they know that since their swimsuits are popular with celebrities, they’ll likely sell out of their new styles right away. That’s why they set up robust back-in-stock notifications to let shoppers know when the styles they love are available again.

Watch Frankies Bikinis full episode.

Apt2B, which sells modern furniture online, knows that deciding to purchase a sofa, something that’s historically done in person, can we a bit overwhelming.

Shoppers often want to touch, sit on, and get consensus from those in their household before making such a large purchase, so Apt2B has set up a fabric swatch program for interested shoppers.

By allowing shoppers to request one or several swatches, Apt2B builds trust with shoppers and can answer any lingering questions they might have before making their purchase.

Watch Apt2B’s full episode

But wait! There’s more marketing strategy coming soon.

Want to learn more about marketing strategies from some of today’s leading ecommerce brands? You’re in luck. Season two of Ready, Set, Grow is set to premiere this summer. Stay tuned!

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