How Spoke is Revolutionizing the Buying Experience for Men’s Trousers

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Spoke is a London-based direct-to-consumer menswear brand that has a focus on fit. While it’s based in the UK, the brand sells internationally and has been growing immensely since its inception.

On this episode of Ready, Set, Grow, I chat with founder Ben Farren and Emily Strang, brand manager, to hear about the marketing strategies they’re using to help scale the brand into an international success.

Changing the buying experience for men’s trousers

While Spoke is focused on fit, the brand has really dug into improving the buying experience for men’s trousers. Think back to the last time you tried to buy a pair of trousers at a store. It was likely in a dimly lit tiny room with a lack of size options.

“We think fit comes first, fit matters most, and yet traditional retail does a horrible job delivering on it. We believe that we’re the digital storefront and with 21st century supply chains, we could do much better.” — Ben Farren, CEO, Spoke

Spoke offers over 200 different sizes whereas most traditional retailers only offer about twenty.

The key to helping men find the perfect fit for trousers comes down to Spoke’s fit finder test. The brand’s crafted a series of questions that can determine the best style and size by asking questions like, “How tall are you?” and “How do you fasten your wristband?”

Committing to one brand persona

While men’s trousers may seem like a product that has a large audience, Spoke made the decision to be hyper-focused on its persona “Jack” who the brand keeps in mind in every branding, styling, and product decisions it makes.

By focusing on that one singular buyer persona, Spoke is able to speak directly to a certain type of man who best reflects that ideal buyer.

Just who is “Jack” and what is he all about? Tune into this episode of Ready, Set, Grow to learn more.


Watch this episode of Ready, Set, Grow

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