Ready, Set, Grow— A new Klaviyo video series

Today, I’m ecstatic to announce the latest Klaviyo video series, Ready, Set, Grow premiering April 16th.

In this weekly web series, I’ll be going behind the scenes of some of the fastest growing ecommerce brands to learn about strategies they are using to find growth. We’ll travel around the country (and even the globe) to find out how brands are using segmented, relevant, and timely marketing messages to increase their revenue and owned marketing channels.

Want to know more? On deck this month we have the growth strategies from the experts at Apt2B, Rareform, and Frankies Bikinis. They’re digging into their data to craft unique customer relationships.

What’s truly unique about this series is that it’s ongoing and ever-evolving. Have a brand you’d love to see featured or want to be on the series to show off your strategy? We’re accepting nominations and submissions for coming episodes and seasons. Just comment below.

Ready, Set, Grow, premieres April 16. You won’t want to miss it.

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  • I am very excited for this Alicia! Will it be available on YouTube so that I can subscribe? Or do I just come back and check the blog for new videos each week?

    • Hey Daryl- Yes, we will have the videos hosted on our site as well as YouTube. If you subscribe to the Klaviyo blog newsletter, we’ll let you know about all the new content each week. Thanks!

  • Super excited about more quality content coming from Klaviyo! Sitting on the edge of my seat!

    • Thanks, Sheryl!

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