Onboarding Made Easy with The Objectives Tab

If you are an entrepreneur, odds are that you’re running around doing a million tasks at once. Between order fulfillment, customer service, and acquisition, you don’t have enough time in the day to eat lunch, let alone think about setting up a new marketing platform.

That’s why when you finally decide to switch to a new platform, the last things you want to be worrying about are whether you’re setting it up right and what you should be doing next.

In an effort to address these questions, we launched the Objectives tab to help customers get up and running with Klaviyo faster. The tab is designed so users always know what their next step is, and what they can do to level up their marketing.

Testing out the Objectives Tab

As it happens, my sister Sammy and I started our own sock business before I started working at Klaviyo, and we’d been meaning to switch it to the Klaviyo platform for a while.

Sammy and I are both very busy with our full-time jobs, so we only have a few hours each day to get through the long list of tasks involved in running an ecommerce business.   Adding “Switch marketing platforms” to that list sounded daunting, even if the new features were supposed to make it easier and faster.

In other words, I knew we would be the perfect team to test drive the Objectives Tab.

We were able to quickly integrate our ecommerce platform through the Setup Wizard. Once we completed the Setup Wizard, we were brought to the Klaviyo dashboard and saw the Objectives tab:

Objectives Tab

The Objectives Tab neatly laid out all of the tasks for us to complete. Though I work at Klaviyo and know about our platform well, Sammy works as a Brand Manager and shared her positive thoughts on the tabs layout with me; “Dan is obviously very bias with his opinion on Klaviyo and I wasn’t so sure that it would be as quick and easy to set-up as he claimed. Once I saw the Objectives Tab I had a sense of relief because it was so prescriptive.”  

The Objectives Tab prioritized what should be done first. One of the downfalls of having just a two person team is that we are always stretched thin and have a million (or a million and one) tasks to do everyday to keep the business humming. Knowing this, we decided to work on only one new feature each day and used the Objectives Tab to tell us the next task to complete. This made the entire onboarding process more manageable while also providing a feeling of progress.

Setting-up The Abandoned Cart Flow 

The first feature the Objectives Tab prompted us to configure was the Abandoned Cart Flow. We were struggling with recovering abandoned carts prior to switching to Klaviyo, so we were eager to begin earning more money from lost carts.  

After we clicked on “Turn on Abandoned Cart Flow” on the Objectives Tab, we were pointed to exactly where we needed to go within the Flows library to get this done:  

Flow Library

Once we selected from the checkboxes on the left of the screen, we clicked “Abandoned Cart Reminder Standard” to create the flow. We selected this flow because it provided us with basic pre-built information around a standard abandoned cart series.

Abandoned Cart Setup

To make the message more custom to our brand, we decided to personalize the standard information. Working from a pre-existing template was great for us since we didn’t need to build it from scratch. Once we had the messages that we wanted built within the flow, we simply switched the flow live by clicking on the green box you see below.  To finish, we clicked “save and exit” in the upper right. That’s it.

Abandoned Cart Flow

At that point, we were fairly certain we had it set up right, but the  “Congrats” message on the dashboard gave us some much-appreciated reassurance.

Objectives Tab Confirmation

I’d been telling Sammy how much I liked the Klaviyo platform, but there’s nothing like seeing it first-hand. Going through the process of getting the Abandoned Cart flow active convinced her that we will easily be able to set up more features within the platform.

Although we both wanted to continue on setting up the rest of the platform, we knew that we had a number of tasks to complete outside of Klaviyo and needed to come back to setting up another feature tomorrow. That is really a great thing about the Objectives Tab: you can come and go as you want and move at your own pace.

Results to Date

At this point our Abandoned Cart flow has been active for a little over two weeks. We have seen a total of 11 conversions – a big deal for a very small business like ours.

As expected, the Objectives Tab is perfect for the time-strapped business owner. It makes it more manageable for users to onboard with Klaviyo at their own pace and gives them the affirmation that what they are doing is correct. Learning a new tool can be challenging (especially when you have very little time) but it’s a lot easier when you can lean on the Objectives Tab to show you what to do next — and how to do it.

If you are looking to get additional insight into Klaviyo best practices and ways to get the most out of the Klaviyo platform, be sure to check out our Webinar series. These series are free of charge and designed and taught by Klaviyo experts.

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