New Location-Based Filtering in Flows & Segments

Location filter announced for email campaigns & flows, good for GDPR-compliance

On May 25th, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect extending new data privacy protections for all European Union (EU) citizens. This legislation has introduced new rules of engagement for companies that process personal data, and businesses that use personal data for marketing purposes.

For email marketers, one of the more challenging elements of GDPR is ensuring that you don’t send marketing emails to any EU-based contacts unless those contacts have explicitly opted in. When sending a one-off campaign, you can choose your audience and make sure you only send to active subscribers. For automated emails triggered by behavior, though, this can get trickier.

Starting today, there is a brand new filter available in Klaviyo Flows that allows you to build more targeted automations based on where a given recipient is located. With a couple of clicks, you can either restrict an entire flow to exclude EU recipients, or your can split your flow and create a unique path just for those located in the EU.

Filter a flow based on a recipient’s region

Under GDPR, you can be found in violation if you send marketing emails to an EU citizen who hasn’t freely and explicitly opted in to your email marketing. This includes behavior-triggered emails if they aren’t transactional and serve a sole marketing purpose.

To strategically build marketing-focused autoresponders that handle EU citizens with the care required to stay compliant, you’ll need to consider a tiered approach that includes leveraging location-based filtering:

  1. First, split your flow based on whether or not a recipient is located within the European Union. You don’t have to worry about GDPR protections at this time for non-EU citizens.
  2. For recipients located in the EU, you then need another split to denote whether or not you have collected consent for marketing email communications. You can send marketing emails to those that have given you permission to do so, so you’re good to go for recipients who have given consent.
  3. Unfortunately, for those within the EU that you haven’t collected consent from, you’ll need to swiftly filter them out of your email flow and not send them any marketing emails.

With Klaviyo’s new “Where someone is Located” filter condition, branching a flow based on whether or not someone is located within a specific region is easy. Adding a second conditional split, based on whether or not someone has provided consent for email, is also already a built-in option.

You can also restrict an entire flow to exclude those located within a specific region. Below, we have a Flow Filter that will make sure our Browse Abandonment flow only includes people if they are not located within the European Union:

Build a dynamic segment of EU profiles

When using Klaviyo’s Segment Builder to either build a dynamic audience for sending, or to analyze a group of profiles, you can now easily include a condition around whether someone is located within the European Union.

The segment below will include all profiles that are located within the EU and have not provided explicit consent for email marketing. This segment will stay up-to-date automatically, so you can simply choose to exclude this segment from any marketing campaign with a single click to remain GDPR compliant.

What’s next for location-based filtering?

While this new feature is great to help group EU-based profiles whenever you’re building a new automated email flow or dynamic segment, we know there’s a wide range of location-based filtering that would be helpful for ecommerce marketers.

The good news is that we’re just getting started!

Later in 2018, we’ll be adding more functionality into the “Where someone is located” filter condition that will have benefits well beyond capturing EU-based profiles. Here are a few additional features you can look forward to as we expand location-based filtering inside both flows and segments:

  • Whether someone is/isn’t located within a certain radius of a given zip code
  • Whether someone is/isn’t located within a certain radius of given geographic coordinates
  • Whether someone is/isn’t located within a given country
  • Whether someone is/isn’t located with in a given region/state

As always, if there are any new features you’d like to see us build, send an email over to with the subject line “I have an idea”!

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