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Growing your engaged email list is critical to growing your business, and signup forms are an essential tool for building that list of subscribers. Of the various signup options, popups are generally more effective at visitor conversion than embedded forms (one study found them up to 400% more effective), so it’s no wonder that most ecommerce websites utilize them for lead capture.

That’s why we invested in an overhaul of the Klaviyo signup forms to make it easy to add effective forms to your website and capture more visitors as they use your site.

Now the first step on that journey is complete: the Klaviyo form builder, with the ability to easily design forms, target them to visitors, and deploy them to your website with no coding required.

Design Popups Without Coding

You’ve always been able to design signup popups in Klaviyo, but it required custom HTML and CSS to make any changes. We wanted to make them more beautiful and faster to create. We believe it should be just as easy to design a great looking popup as it is to design a great looking email.

Inspired by the Klaviyo email editor, the new Klaviyo form builder makes it easy to create a well-designed popup without ever touching code. You can drag and drop different blocks to build your signup form and style them to match your branding. You can also easily add a text input in addition to your email input to capture a field such as First Name.

Add your logo to your form using the rich text editor to assure your customers that they’re signing up for what they expect. Or consider using an eye-catching announcement that stands out from the rest of your page.

Klaviyo signup form customization for emails in the form builder tool

Target Forms For Maximum Conversion

There is often a fine line between annoying your visitors with popups and missing valuable signup opportunities. Just as with email, it’s important to strike a balance and engage the customer at the right time in the right way.

In the signup form builder, you can now easily target visitors with signup popups. You can restrict your forms to certain areas of your website or show them based on where your visitors came from.

For example, let’s say you’re an apparel store running a facebook ad campaign advertising your top-selling t-shirt line. After someone clicks through to your website, you can target them with a popup designed similarly to the facebook ad by simply targeting it based on the facebook UTM parameter.

Customizing forms for social media and website in the Klaviyo form builder tool

Just Install it Once

The design and targeting capabilities won’t matter if you can’t get the popup onto your website. We’ve made it an easy one-step process to implement Klaviyo forms.

To install the Klaviyo popups, you just need to add a small snippet of code to your website. Once complete, any popup you build in Klaviyo can be published to your website with the click of a button.

Install sign up form code in the form creator tool in Klaviyo

Why Use Klaviyo Popups?

While there are numerous great signup popup apps available, Klaviyo popups offer a few advantages for your store:

  1. Seamless Klaviyo integration. Klaviyo popups make it easy to get signups into your Klaviyo lists and segments without configuring an integration. New signups are sent directly to Klaviyo, with no middle system or connection setup required.
  2. Track and segment on signup source. Klaviyo forms additionally track the source of the signup with the new profile, and that information is easily available as a profile property in Klaviyo. You can easily segment your welcome series flow based on where the new subscriber signed up on your website. For example, you might create different popup forms depending on which area of your site the visitor is browsing, and then you can send welcome content tailored based on that information.
  3. Instant web tracking. When a visitor signs up through a Klaviyo form, Klaviyo immediately begins tracking that visitor’s web page viewing behavior. You can use their active on site, browse abandonment, and cart abandonment data without waiting for them to click through to your website in an email.

What’s Next

This is just the beginning for the many improvements we’re making to the experience of capturing visitor and customer information. We’ll soon be adding more design and targeting capabilities to Klaviyo popups; such as triggering when a user is exiting the page and the ability to easily add additional input fields, such as checkboxes, to your forms. Our sign-up process is easy and free. You can start testing and sending emails without ever providing a credit card. Check out these form examples from other brands. 

Thin Tea Case Study

How to use Ecommerce Email Marketing to Grow your Sales by 25%

What top welcome emails have in common

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  • Glad to hear you’re excited! We’re planning on releasing exit triggering within the next couple of weeks, and we’ll post a blog once it’s out. Stay tuned!

  • Hey Sean, that’s awesome!
    Is it possible to trigger the popup on a button click? it’s called a “two-step opt-in”…

  • Hi Sean. Please see my question at Has the New Klaviyo Form Builder made the Legacy Popup obsolete to the point that it does not subscribe users to lists anymore? It was working for me and suddenly it does not work anymore. Thank you.

  • @Valentin – That’s not possible today, but it’s on our roadmap. We’re prioritizing work based on customer feedback, so this is helpful to understand the interest in this feature!

    @Jaime – As I mentioned in the stack overflow thread, we are continuing to support the Legacy popups and have not made any changes to that set of functionality. For this reason, if you’re seeing a change in the last day, it’s likely due to something else changing on your site. I know you’ve been working with Chris in Live Chat, so I’d recommend continuing to work with the Success team to diagnose the issue on your site.

  • Klaviyo had flagged my IP address because over 58 attempts to sign-up from the same IP Address within 24 hours. My code was fine, including the PHP and everything but I am glad we identified the cause. Thank you for your reply Sean!

  • Hi Sean, great stuff! How about suppressing popups for users who have already subscribed to our newsletter (as an additional targeting option)? That should at least work for those users with a Klaviyo cookie.

  • @Michael – That’s definitely a request we’ve heard from a few customers. We’re currently considering how we’re going to support ensuring that already-signed up visitors aren’t shown a popup, so you should see some updates on this soon.

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