New Feature: Multi-list Campaign Sending

One of the features most loved by Klaviyo customers is our segment builder. Our customers slice and dice their data to build segments based on spend history, product affinity, engagement frequency, and every combination in between. With all of these specific lists and segments, a common question came up: “Is there a way for us to send a campaign to more than one list or segment?” We’re excited to tell you that starting today, the answer is “yes.”

Multi-list campaign sending

Last week, we released a feature that makes it possible to send a single campaign to multiple lists or segments and exclude certain lists and segments from receiving a campaign.

No more cloning segments, changing conditions on existing segments, or building segments that combine multiple lists. Now, you can simply pick up to 10 lists and segments and send your campaign. We’ll remove duplicate recipients and make sure everyone gets your email.

Similarly, if there’s a group you don’t want to receive an email, simply exclude that list or segment and they’ll be removed from the final recipient list. This way, you don’t have to update a segment to add an exclusion condition. You can just send away.

So far, the feedback has been great:

“We built a segment of people who have received 15+ emails and haven’t opened one. Now we can exclude these people no matter which list we send to. This saves the time of having to create those filters in every segment we build and improves our deliverability over time.”

– Jon Palmer, Influencer Marketing Manager, Hylete

“We love this feature! It’s straightforward and easy to use — we use it to include multiple lists as well as exclude lists.” 

– Nikki Fermanis, Head of Marketing at Modern Citizen

Let’s walk through what’s different, how it works, and some ideas of how you can put it to use today.

Key changes

As soon as you make a new campaign, you’ll notice that the first step has changed. Instead of selecting a single list or segment to send to, you’ll have the option to add or exclude multiple lists and segments.

Progressive User Interface

As you create your campaign, you pick your first list or segment, just as before.

Once you choose your first list or segment, an option shows up to allow you to include or exclude additional lists or segments.

By clicking on “Include”, you’ll be able to choose any other list or segment in your account that you want to receive your campaign.

By clicking on “exclude,” you’ll be able to choose any other list or segment in your account that you don’t want to receive your campaign.

We built the experience this way so you can get as fine-grained as you want without being forced to include or exclude any more lists or segments than you want. Simplicity first, power second.

Recipient tally

As you add and exclude more lists and segments, we’ll show you how many people we expect to receive your campaign. This number adds your list and subtracts duplicate recipients and suppressions so you have an accurate estimate of your final recipient count.

This is especially useful so you don’t have to guess how many people you’re sending your campaign to. In particular, if you’re someone who likes to project how much revenue you might generate with a given campaign based on your recipient count, you’ll automatically get an accurate estimate before you send.

Some actionable ideas

Exclude VIP customers from receiving announcements they’ve already seen

Many businesses personalize their emails by sending new product announcements or promotions to their VIP customers and their general audience. If you’ve already notified your VIP customers, you don’t want to send them another email when you’re ready to announce the promotion or new product to the rest of your newsletter list.

Rather than create an entirely new segment of your newsletter list that doesn’t include your VIP customers, you simply can exclude your VIP customer list from a specific campaign. By keeping your VIP customers and newsletter list separate and not creating an entirely new segment, you cut down on clutter while ensuring that you can contact each group separately (or together) if you’d like.

Protip: build a VIP segment (People whose average order value is greater than your store’s average order value)

Target customers who have purchased a related set of products to upsell or cross-sell

Many of our ecommerce marketers create segments of customers who have purchased popular products or categories of products, like knitwear or tops.

Let’s say you have a new knit top to offer. Now, you can simply include your lists of “knitwear buyers” and “people who buy tops” for a single campaign. If you’re having a sale on scarves, you can send a campaign to those who bought hats and gloves (and vice versa if you’re having a sale on all the items in a collection).

Protip: create lists or segments of customers who have purchased different product categories (People who have placed an order at least one time where the category equals [your product category]).

Exclude unengaged subscribers or recent purchasers on the fly

During key holidays, marketers often increase their sending cadence. To make sure you’re not over-emailing your less engaged subscribers, you can create a universal segment of unengaged subscribers and exclude them from your sends.

Don’t forget, excluding unengaged recipients from your campaign will improve your deliverability over time. Email clients really don’t like it when you send emails to people who don’t read them. Use Klaviyo to identify who those recipients are and make sure you don’t send emails to them. You will be handsomely rewarded over time.

Protip: build a segment of unengaged subscribers (people who have opened 0 emails in the last 90 days and have received >5 emails in the last 90 days).

Exclude subscribers in certain locations

You may offer special promotions that are location-dependent, like free shipping for domestic purchases. If you have a segment that contains anyone who doesn’t live in the United States, you can easily exclude this from your newsletter campaign to target your domestic audience.

You may also want to target customers in a certain geographic region. Let’s say you have a segment for each state, and you want to contact customers in New England to notify them of a local event. Now, you can choose to send to your Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut segments.


This new feature will streamline the campaign sending process for both beginner and advanced Klaviyo users. Here are the highlights of how it works:

  • Send to multiple lists or segments with one campaign (we will de-dupe for you)
  • Exclude multiple lists or segments from a campaign
  • Use the recipient tally to see how many people will actually receive your email

To learn more about how to use this new feature and how to use it, check out our docs.

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