Ready, Set, Grow: How HYLETE Scaled Customer Relationships with Surveys and Segmentation

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HYLETE is a digitally-native, fitness-lifestyle brand, founded in 2012 with a core belief that fitness apparel at the highest end shouldn’t come with a super high price-tag.

This week on Ready, Set, Grow, I sat down with Jon Palmer, lead digital marketing manager at HYLETE, to hear about how the brand is using customer surveys to create personalized experiences for their customer community base, which is made up of many different personas.

Fully Custom From the Beginning

From the start, HYLETE knew they wanted to have the power and ability to be super customized with their website and store, which led them to choose Magento for their ecommerce platform. HYLETE also knew that when it came to marketing communications they wanted to have the ability to fully customize that experience, which led them to Klaviyo.

"Klaviyo has an open source API, so we're able to fire in a lot of custom events, and aggregate stuff from our ecommerce platform and different software all into Klaviyo. We use it as a de-facto CRM to make customer-facing communications."

Jon Palmer, HYLETE

Growing Customer Relationships with Surveys

HYLETE offers so many different products and sells to a variety of different personas. Collecting customer data via quarterly surveys has helped the company create more targeted marketing on everything from sending customers the right product recommendations to showing photography that speaks directly to someone’s preferences.

HYLETE collects data such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Product Preference
  • How many times a week someone works out
  • Where someone works out
  • What someone does for a fitness regime


Take folks who say they focus on kettlebell swings, for example. With its data, HYLETE can recommend a pair of shorts that are specifically tailored to that fitness activity.

Mapping the Customer Journey

HYLETE’s customer base includes four main profiles: military/first responders, “everyday” athletes, more than 20 thousand trainers, and approximately five thousand people who have equity in the company.

For each of these groups, HYLETE can tailor specific messages and offers so the different audience segments get the right experience. For example, their group of military/first responders get messages about a special discount in appreciation for their service and trainers get messages about talking with their clients about the products. With such different messaging, it’s critical for HYLETE to have the ability to segment and build custom experiences for each group.

Jon also believes looking at how many orders someone has placed is a great way to start interacting with a community member.

"If you've never placed an order, we can talk to you very differently than if you've purchased more than 10 times in the span of a year. Your level of knowledge about the brand when we talk about incentivizing—those are all heavily controlled."

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