Get in the Spirit: Build Your Holiday Marketing Strategy With the Cyber Weekend Prep Rally

It’s fair to say that 2020 has been challenging—and especially so if you’re building ecommerce businesses. Many entrepreneurs have thrived while others have struggled to survive. 

Some battled things like their supply chain, available inventory, and shipping disruptions, while others grappled with how to move their brick-and-mortar shop online and lean into ecommerce as their primary sales channel. 

It’s been a LOT. But it’s not over, and the most crucial time of the year for most brands is right around the corner—Cyber Weekend.  

To help you navigate the challenges this year continues to bring and to put your business in the best position to have one incredible holiday season, we wanted to create…something to help you out. 

It’s not quite a bootcamp. Or a crash course. Or a masterclass. It’s definitely not a webinar. 

We’re calling it a Prep Rally

Why? Because we’re going to get you prepared for Cyber Weekend. We’re going to get you pumped for it, too. And we’re bringing together talent across the Klaviyo community to do it. 

This year is projected to see record-breaking ecommerce-driven sales as a result of consumers’ shift online amid the pandemic. But this also means you’re going to have to think about your marketing strategy a little differently.

Whether this will be your first Cyber Weekend or you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, this Prep Rally is designed to arm you with the strategic and tactical advice you need to seize the moment and tackle the biggest ecommerce event of the year. 

Every day of the Prep Rally, you’ll come away with actionable insights and inspiring ideas from top brand builders that you can apply to your own holiday marketing strategy.

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The details:

The Cyber Weekend Prep Rally is a three-week email course designed to help you prepare for an “unprecedented” Cyber Weekend. 

The course will consist of video-based content four days a week starting Monday, September 14th. Each day, we’ll learn about a different topic together.

Some days, you’ll get one video. Other days, you’ll get more. But no matter what, all of the videos will be less than 15 minutes long. 

The Zoom fatigue is real right now and it’s hard to commit to tuning into an hour-long webinar at a certain time of day—especially when you’re running a business and managing so many different things.

That’s why these videos will be short and easily digestible, so you can watch them on your own time—all at once, or one at a time—whenever and wherever works best for you.

You’ll hear from ecommerce marketers and entrepreneurs, as well as Klaviyo experts and partners on what strategies have worked in the past, what might need to change heading into Cyber Weekend this year, and how to think about your marketing strategy for 2020. 

You’ll also receive some light reading material each day to complement the knowledge you accumulate throughout the Prep Rally, in case you want to learn more about a certain topic.

So what are you waiting for? You’ve got this. And we’ll be cheering you on the entire way.

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