Getting the Gig: How the Love Is Project Prepared for a Major PR Moment [Watch]

This is part of a twelve-episode series, Beyond Black Friday, where we take a look at the marketing strategy behind three ecommerce brands who are doing things differently and are successful in keeping the momentum going through the holidays, some in non-conventional ways.

When a great opportunity comes knocking, you need to have a plan in place to ensure you capitalize on every bit of possibility. For the Love Is Project, who sell bracelets that create jobs for women artisans in developing nations, opportunity came in the form of a mega PR moment: a feature on Good Morning America’s “Steals and Deals” segment with the theme “Gifts That Give Back.”

What They Knew in Advance

With the segment airing just a few weeks before Black Friday, the timing couldn’t have been better. Working with Ryan Turner of The Email Funnels Agency, the Love is Project knew that a few things were certain.

First and foremost, they knew they would see a spike in traffic from viewers who were searching for the Love Is Project on the web.

Second, they knew that purchasers would be completing the sale on a microsite hosted by Good Morning America. This made the process of getting them into a regular email cadence trickier than normal, because they only got purchaser data as an export after each sale was completed.

How they Prepared for Good Morning America

To prepare for the surge of new traffic coming to the site, the Love Is Project made changes to the messaging on the homepage of their site to reflect the segment on Good Morning America. They also changed the lead capture tools on the site in an effort to get more email addresses onto their list.

To welcome new purchasers to the brand, they set up a one-off welcome series to educate Good Morning America viewers about the brand and line of products.

How You Can Prepare for a PR Moment

While the segment on Good Morning America was a bit unique in that the actual sales were being hosted on a microsite, there still are a few great tips you can take away from their PR moment.

  1. Have your lead generation tools dialed in
  2. Test your pixels ahead of time
  3. Be ready with a great follow up

Looking for Other Ways to Level Up Your Marketing?

With the holiday season over, now is the perfect time to dive into our Post-Holiday Marketing Crash Course from the Klaviyo Academy.

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