Enhance Retention & Loyalty Using the New Flow Library

Over the years, we’ve heard from our customers that they love the pre-built flows we provide for ecommerce stores on Day 1. We’ve also gotten some constructive feedback that they’re ready for some next level marketing automation ideas.

We’ve heard you loud and clear, and are excited to introduce the brand new Klaviyo Flow Library. With creative pre-built automations spanning the customer lifecycle, the Flow Library is designed to give every marketer a toolkit for driving long-term engagement and loyalty.

Yes, that means no more FOMO and frustration not knowing what’s possible with automation. This also means no more staring at a blank canvas, fumbling over triggers and filters to get it right. You can now discover new flow ideas and populate them directly into your account in seconds.

What can you discover in the Flow Library?

The Klaviyo Flow Library has a range of pre-built flows that span the customer lifecycle. There are three ways you can filter your view to browse different options:

  • Type
  • Goal
  • Integration

Looking for new ways to build customer loyalty? No problem. Looking to enrich Klaviyo contact profiles with more personal data? We have flows for that too. You can filter by integrations you already have enabled, or discover new tools you can integrate to start automating more of your business with Klaviyo.

For standard flows like the Abandoned Cart and Welcome Series, we offer more sophisticated variations that leverage flow branching. Using profile properties or past behavior to create if/then splits, you can send recipients down more targeted paths in the same flow.

Here are a few creative ideas you’ll find ready and waiting to be turned live:

    • Back in Stock Flow with a split path customized for VIP customers. Give VIPs advanced notice when items they’re interested in get restocked! This flow is part of Klaviyo’s end-to-end Back in Stock solution.
    • Abandoned Cart Reminder with split paths for high value vs. low value carts. Weary of discounting? Only provide a recovery incentive for high value carts with this flow that contains split paths based on the total cart value
    • Replenishment Reminder. This flow features a replenishment email with a link to automatically rebuild a shopper’s last cart. Customize the timing in this flow based on your buyer’s cycle and start driving repeat sales!
    • Tag Product Category Interest. Use this flow framework to begin tagging customer profiles with the categories they purchase from.

How to get started

To start taking advantage of the Klaviyo Flow Library, you can navigate to Browse Ideas directly from the main Flows page in your account. You will also find a link to explore pre-built flows in our library anytime you click to create a brand new flow.

When you’ve found a flow you like, clicking on the summary card in the Library will open up a popup with more detail on the flow.

You will see a visual preview of the flow, and we’ll also tell you if there are any prerequisite tasks before you start using it. For example, if you click to view a Browse Abandonment flow, we’ll check to make sure you already have Klaviyo’s web tracking installed to power the flow.

When you’re ready, clicking Create Flow will automatically populate this new flow into your account and you will be taken into the flow builder to review it. While each flow comes with default content to get you started, we recommend reviewing each email in the series and customizing templates as needed to match your brand.

There are already over a hundred flows populated in the Flow Library, and we will be adding more every week to ensure there are always innovative and fresh options for you!

Have a flow you would like to see added to our Flow Library? We can’t wait to hear about it! Email your idea to product@klaviyo.com with the subject line, “I have a flow idea!”.

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