Feature Spotlight: Lists and Segments

Like multivariate testing, which we covered last week, lists and segments are at the core of Klaviyo’s functionality. Many other ESPs will charge you extra to segment lists, but Klaviyo offers the same features to all accounts – as such, lists and segments are some of our most-used and most useful features. Lists are static, and can be imported or exported into or from Klaviyo. They’re often used to collect names from signup forms and various other opt-in methods. Segments, on the other hand, are dynamic and change based on certain conditions and filters.

How Klaviyo’s Customers Use Lists & Segments

Choosing a list or segment to target is a crucial step in setting up both flows and campaigns. One of the main benefits of segments is that they allow for personalization based on the parameters you choose.

However, the way Klaviyo users actually employ lists and segments may surprise you. In addition to sending many, hyper-specific emails to a few customers at a time, larger companies choose to alter their newsletters and send different versions to different segments. This may seem counterintuitive, as newsletters – often campaigns sent en masse – seem to require the least amount of personalization out of other regularly-sent emails.

karmaloop comparison

(Pictured: two newsletters sent by Karmaloop to different segments within two days).

The reason this is a common practice is because it’s effective. Apart from transactional emails, such as abandoned cart reminders or payment confirmations, newsletters account for the overwhelming majority of emails ecommerce companies send through Klaviyo. They’re typically one-offs, designed to be current and appealing to a broad audience. That said, if you sell many products or a large variety of products, it would make a lot of sense to segment your newsletters. For example, you could:

  • Make one newsletter geared towards men, and another towards women.
  • If you’re a department store, you can customize your newsletters based on specific products people have bought. If you have many customers who have only bought shoes, make shoes the focus of the newsletter they’re sent, and likewise for people who have only bought other products. You can separate these by gender, too.
  • A number of Klaviyo customers, like Karmaloop, have found success in segmenting by brand. So, if you have a large subset of your mailing list who purchases from a specific brand, you may choose to send them a specific newsletter featuring said brand.
  • The same goes for different tiers of spenders – you might choose to offer different tiers different discounts or deals in order to entice them to buy.

What’s to Come for Lists & Segments

As we revamp our flows, the way you use lists and segments will evolve. With even more filtering options, you’ll be able to market more specifically. Our new features will make it simple to split flows – say, between men and women – so you’ll be able to create segments within the flows themselves.

How do you use lists and segments? Are there any enhancements you’d like to see from us? Let us know in the comments.

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