Feature Launch: Click Maps and Plain Text Editing

click maps (1)

This week, we’re launching more enhancements to our campaign editing and reporting features. Klaviyo’s new click maps will show you which links your customers clicked most often, and help you visualize how they interacted with your campaigns. On the composition side of campaign sending, our new plain text editing feature will ensure that all of your emails are formatted exactly the way you want them.

Click Maps

Understanding how people respond to your campaigns is a key step in optimizing them, especially if your emails containing leading links to your products, website, etc. Our new click maps will display the concentration of traffic for each link in your emails, which will help you understand your recipients’ mindsets as they scrolled through the email. Once you go to the ‘Link Activity’ tab of your campaign, you will be able to view clicks in a table or visual format. The table displays clicks in a layout that is similar to our other campaign reports and will clearly outline the number of clicks per link.

click maps (table view)

Our visual click maps, on the other hand, put these reports into context and are super intuitive, since they display the exact email you sent to your customers. When you hover over a link, you’ll be able to see the URL and the percentage of total clicks each link represents.


If you have two separate links leading to the same URL, we will aggregate the percentage of total clicks. Let’s take a look at our email from last week:

click maps (3)

As you can see here, both the image and ‘Read More’ button linked to the same URL, so they each represent 99% of the aggregate clicks.

Determining which links are most popular will allow you to edit the content and layout of your emails accordingly. For example, if the links towards the top of the page are clicked most frequently, you can try running an A/B test to see what changes might lead to more clicks. You may choose to run one test in which you concentrate the links towards the top of the page, and another in which you simply shorten the entire email. Once you see how they perform, you can alter the rest of your campaigns accordingly.

Plain Text Editing

click maps

Now that you’ll have the ability to edit the plain text of your emails before you send them, you can be absolutely positive that your text, images, and other content are laid out exactly as you’d like. You’ll see this option on the review page before you send your campaign, under ‘HTML Email.’ Simply select ‘Edit’ and you’ll be brought to a page where you can alter the format of your campaign. If you don’t choose to edit the plain text of your email, Klaviyo will automatically generate a plain text version of your email for you.

Up Next

We’re in the process of revamping our automated email flows to give you even more targeting capabilities, so stay tuned.

How will you use our visual click maps? What changes or additions would you like to see to our automated flows? Let us know in the comments.


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