Email Strategy Teardown: Serena & Lily

serena and lily

When I lived in Atlanta, I remember getting a tornado warning and hiding in the bathtub with a pillow over my head. I looked crazy, but I felt grateful for the timely communication from the weather reporters. If it wasn’t timely, they would likely have lost a lot of followers, if not their jobs. Whether it’s weather or buying a product online, timely communication is a key component to developing a long-term relationship with a customer. Communication builds trust, and trust brings loyalty – something most brands strive to achieve. Since I’m in the middle of a home project and thinking a lot about home decor, I decided to explore the email communication strategy of a home decor favorite — Serena & Lily.

Why Serena & Lily?

Based in California, this home decor company is best described as having design and style that is breezy, but refined. Their website says that “home should be a welcome oasis – your favorite place to retreat, to gather, to live well everyday.”  We wanted to see how they manage their email strategy, and what Klaviyo customers can learn from it.

What I Did vs. What They Did

What I did

To find out if this company was doing everything that they could to provide the most timely and engaging emails, I did just a little bit of detective work, including subscribing to their newsletters, abandoning a shopping cart full of goods, and buying a hand towel for my kitchen.


Here’s what I purchased


Serena and Lily

Serena & Lily’s Gobi Hand Towel for my kitchen.



What they did

I received a subscription confirmation email, abandoned cart emails, post-purchase shipping and confirmation emails, product emails, and promotion emails.

See the complete teardown

Interested in learning more about the email strategy of Serena & Lily? View our complete email strategy teardown – including timeline and content previews.

Check Out the Email Strategy Teardown

Serena & Lily

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