How to Benchmark Your Email Marketing Results

The Klaviyo Customer Segment Episode #2

Welcome to the Klaviyo Customer Segment Podcast! This is the second episode of a new podcast series created to share the incredible insights we gain from one on one conversations with our customers. In this episode, Kevin and I sit down with one of our most experienced Product Experts, Colleen Farrell, and go deep into the topic of benchmarking. We wanted to find out how she helps customers answer the question, “How am I doing?” Below is an overview of our discussion but be sure to listen to the podcast for all the details. You can also catch up and listen to the first episode where we discussed the big themes from Klaviyo:BOS. 


Kevin and I spend some time setting the stage for the listener about benchmarking and introduce our special guest, who has a great story to share before diving into our topic. Skip ahead to the 3 min mark to get right into it.


Benchmarking Campaigns

Colleen offers a “happy range” of 15-25% for Campaign open rates, then offers up a killer, easy-to-execute piece of advice for folks not hitting those numbers. Hint: It involves identifying engaged users and segmentation.

From a design perspective, Colleen offers some easy ways to triple-check your email to drive engagement and hit the inbox more frequently. One big tip is to test sending plain text emails instead of emails loaded with images.


Benchmarking Flows

Flows are a bit trickier to benchmark. For example, abandoned cart flows are created to drive revenue. However, if an Abandoned Cart flow has a lot of skips, it’s not a bad thing. Those skips are actually great because it means the customer made a purchase!


A Benchmarking Example

We put Colleen on the spot with a hypothetical customer who turns on their Welcome Series but isn’t seeing results. Colleen walks us through a few things they can do for immediate improvement.

Mike then poses a question about discounting within a Welcome Series and when it’s optimal to include a coupon within that flow. You can use conditional splits to solve for this!


Email Marketing Revenue

How much revenue attributed to email should I be getting? Colleen gets this question a lot so has a good idea for how customers should look at their email revenue % and how to easily monitor it within Klaviyo.


Klaviyo Features

Kevin presents the “core four” features you should have active in Klaviyo: Signup form and welcome series, segmentation, abandoned cart flow, and one more flow from the Flow Library. That last flow is left variable to provide you the opportunity to find out what works best for your specific business.


Holiday Segment Idea

Before signing off, Colleen presents a fabulous segmentation idea for the Holidays. She suggests  ways to leverage the date-based segmentation capabilities to identify and communicate with customers who bought from you last holiday season but didn’t purchase since.


Listen to the full episode.

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