5 Ecommerce Email Ideas to Inspire Your Next Campaign

When it comes to driving sales, emails are one of the most powerful marketing channels at your disposal — and ecommerce email ideas are what you need to fuel your creative fire.

Your customer’s inbox is their most personal and direct online environment. You don’t have the distraction of social media newsfeeds or banner ads there. Getting permission to interact with customers through email provides you a major opportunity for conversion.

But even with a big list of subscribers, it can be tough to come up with good email campaign ideas day after day, week after week, and month after month.

Are your campaigns feeling a little lackluster? Running out of ecommerce email ideas?

This post should help. We’ve collected five great eCommerce emails we’ve seen from other online stores that should spark some inspiration.


1) Instacart’s Hilarious Email Copy

Instacart is a grocery delivery startup based in San Francisco that’s raised $55 million. You order your groceries online and they bring ’em to you within a matter of hours, and sometimes even within a matter of minutes.

Instacart’s emails are always in some way centered around one main call to action: order more groceries.

But they don’t use the same theme as an excuse to have bland content.

Take a look at this fun, silly, Sharkweek-themed Instacart email they sent recently.

Spicing your emails up with interesting copy and making use of current events or holidays to keep it relevant is a great way to stay on topic (again, the call to action is the same) but to keep the email fresh and fun.

2) Zady’s “Takeover” Email

Conscious-fashion startup Zady targets consumers who care about the origins of the clothes they buy.

They do a variety of content in their emails, and this one was particularly impactful for two reasons.

First, the initial explanation of Zady at the top of the email is helpful. Don’t overestimate the impact of your content marketing and PR efforts for solidifying your value proposition in the eyes of consumers. It’s noisy out there. People forget about you quickly. People need to be reminded about what it is that you do.

Second, partnering with well-known bloggers or makers in your space is a great idea. These people bring a following of their own and can promote you on the day they “take over” your social media accounts. It’s a way for one email send to have a major impact.

3) Vitacost’s Content Curation Email

Vitacost is an online retailer of vitamins and other health-related products that was recently purchased by Kroger for $280 million.

Organic food, protein powders, all-natural this and that’s… the space can be a whirlwind. To prevent consumers from being overwhelmed and to make these products applicable to the everyday, the Vitacost team creates content that explains it all to customers. They publish this content on the blog, but use email to make sure it ends up in the hands of customers.


It’s a potentially busy email, but by focusing the content at the top of the email it’s clear what the main call to action is.

4) Gap’s Exclusivity Email

People love to feel special, and people love great deals. Gap gets this.

In this email, they offer an exclusive fall flash sale for card members in addition to a special rewards points offer. Another thing that makes this email great is how specific it is – it’s for two days only, August 7 and 8. I think this helps create a sense of urgency.


5) Sephora’s “Wisdom of the Crowds” Email

“Wisdom of the crowds” is an element of social proof, and it’s all about showing evidence that thousands, millions, or even billions have taken the action that the company wants you to take – making a purchase, subscribing, etc.

We joke about FOMO all the time, but actually the Fear of Missing Out is a real thing. It’s a form of social anxiety, and it’s a compulsive concern that one might miss out on an opportunity. It can be used for marketing in a number of ways.

Sephora used this in this email below. Take a look at the subject line. What’s everyone talking about? It’s the new brand they’re selling, which they reveal inside. That fear of missing out sparks curiosity with this subject line, and drives the subscriber to open the email.


Have you seen any great emails come across your inbox that inspired you?  Let us know in the comments.


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