Create Beautiful Forms With Custom Fonts

You spend countless hours crafting the perfect customer experience. Everything must feel consistent and on-brand. To capture visitors, you want your signup forms to look just as stunning as your website.

You’ve always been able to create customizable popups, flyouts, and embeds with flexible layouts and branded imagery through Klaviyo signup forms. 

But fonts are a key component of brand design. You might convert text into images as a workaround to use your own fonts, but it makes creating and updating forms time-consuming. That changes today. 

We’re thrilled to announce Custom Fonts in Signup Forms! Now, you can use a loud font to grab attention, a playful font to lighten things up, or a refined font to match your brand’s premium feel.

Simply go to the Fonts tab in your Asset Library, click “add font,” and pick your favorite fonts from Google, Adobe, or add your own custom fonts. Once added, your fonts are easily accessible in all of your signup forms so you can apply your styling consistently. 

You now have complete control over your fonts in emails as well as forms. Combined with advanced targeting and powerful A/B Testing, Klaviyo offers you the best tools to collect emails and phone numbers from all your website visitors and grow your marketing lists faster. 

Start creating signup forms with your favorite, on-brand fonts today in Klaviyo! 

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