Build Klaviyo Automations With Connectors for Shopify Flow

Build Klaviyo Automations With Connectors for Shopify Flow

Every minute you spend manually transferring data or moving between applications is time you’re not spending on the most important thing: building relationships with your customers. Building those relationships at scale is key — and the more efficient your systems are, the faster you can grow. Today, we’re proud and excited to partner with Shopify in announcing the release of Connectors for Shopify Flow.

This new feature for Shopify Plus customers lets you connect your data across your key business systems by building your own automations. Use it to create customized workflows that connect all the tools you use to run your business.

How you can use it

Connectors for Shopify Flow lets you use any trigger to create a profile event in Klaviyo.

You can then use this event to:

  • Kick off a Klaviyo flow email series
  • Build targeted segments
  • Build reports
  • Pull information from the trigger into your emails to your customers

For example, if you’re using LoyaltyLion to manage your referral and rewards program, you might use the trigger “Customer Moved Up a Tier” to create a profile event in Klaviyo.

You can then automatically send your customers an email congratulating them on leveling up when this happens — and offer a unique discount code. And that’s just one example. With more than 20 apps already integrated, the power of this new feature is limitless.

Where to find it

If Klaviyo is installed in your Shopify Plus account, you’ll see the Track An Event action within Shopify Flow. This enables you to send custom events to Klaviyo as part of your Shopify Plus workflow.

To learn more about what you can do with this feature and how to configure it, check out our documentation. The team at Shopify has also put together ideas for sample flows to get you started.

Share your ideas!

We’re excited to hear how this feature is helping you grow your business. If you have great tips to share with other Klaviyo customers or other suggestions for how we can make Klaviyo even better, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at with “I have an idea” in the subject line.

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