Sneak Peek: See the Cyber Weekend Email Campaign One Brand is Using to Convert Customers

Believe it or not, Cyber Weekend is seven days away. Whether you’ve been planning for the shopping Superbowl since July or you just started thinking about it in October, you’ve likely been looking for inspiration from other brands to guide your approach.

But after you collect all the tips and tricks when it comes to email marketing, what do all those insights look like when they’re put into action for Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM)?

Custom sticker brand StickerYou was kind enough to give me a peek inside their upcoming Cyber Weekend content and, let me just say, it’s a work of art. 

After seeing their campaign, my curiosity got the best of me. I wanted to know more about their approach, so I asked Sam Zivot, StickerYou’s director of digital marketing, about how he’s thinking about Cyber Weekend this year and why he thinks this strategy will be successful.

StickerYou’s Black Friday Cyber Monday strategy 

This year has been one like any other. But some things never change—like the idea that you want to surprise and delight your customers throughout Cyber Weekend.

“I call it the ‘roller coaster of excitement.’ You want to thrill your customers, but offer something a bit different and surprising around every bend,” said Sam. 

“Get things ramped up early with an enticing offer, escalate the offer on Black Friday, send a reminder to keep your brand top of mind, save your best for Cyber Monday itself, and then add more drama by extending your offer further and giving customers one more crack at the biggest deal of the year,” he said.

Additionally, I asked why he plans to send out a series of emails and how he’s thinking about scheduling these messages.

“Frequency matters when it comes to results, especially during one of the most inbox-intense times of the year. Hitting your most engaged audiences often is key to standing out and maximizing your BFCM revenue,” said Sam.

Intrigued? Don’t worry—I won’t keep these beautiful emails to myself, and Sam has been kind enough to allow me to share some of StickerYou’s Cyber Weekend campaign.

So before you finalize your email marketing strategy for Cyber Weekend, check out StickerYou’s upcoming emails—featuring the incredible design talents of Jordana Heneyand learn more about how the team is tackling what’s predicted to be the biggest Cyber Weekend yet.

Black Friday Preview

I was instantly excited to see that StickerYou isn’t waiting until Black Friday to start their Cyber Weekend promotions, especially considering how high the competition is

“Like many retailers this year, we’ve started our BFCM charge early, ramping up with ‘Pre-Black Friday’ offers and excitement to incite early purchase action and spread out the demand on what will likely be the most intense BFCM in history,” said Sam. 

“This not only helps us minimize any sales lulls prior to Cyber Monday anticipation, but it also allows us to get a high volume of orders out to customers prior to encountering the glut the postal system is likely to experience,” he added.

Instead of waiting until Friday, StickerYou is holding a preview sale that allows customers to get first access to the deals and encourages them to start creating their designs. As Sam mentioned, this is also a great way to get customers engaging with and thinking about the brand ahead of Black Friday

But let’s forget the timing of this email for a second because what I noticed (and I’m sure you did, too) immediately is the incredible design of these emails. The neon-inspired theme is attention-grabbing, vibrant, and fun. 

“With inbox inundation imminent, it’s also important for us to create a breakthrough (and quirky) creative BFCM campaign that entertains and inspires our audience, while also prompting them to act. Of course, we made sure that our stickers, labels, and other custom products were always made the hero,” said Sam.

“Each individual email within the campaign is a little bit different, with each featuring its own custom animation. But it was also critical that each execution share an overall cohesive look, to help keep our brand and branding top of mind throughout the madness,” he noted.  

Plus, how perfectly does that GIF go along with their “early bird gets the worm” copy? And it uses—you guessed it—stickers.

Black Friday Launch

“Welcome to the main event. With inboxes guaranteed to be flooded on this day, breaking through the noise with a clever subject line, groundbreaking offer, and killer creative is all the more important,” said Sam. 

For the big day, StickerYou keeps it simple, but this is clearly part of a unified Cyber Weekend campaign, which makes it feel sleek and familiar to customers. 

“If you don’t already use catchy subject lines, funny puns, or cliffhangers in your copy, this is your moment. Still, using the words ‘Black Friday’ in your subject line is important. It acts as a trigger, instantly telling your customers that there’s something great inside,” observed Sam.

Sam does a great job of using these various elements in StickerYou’s Black Friday email. Not to mention, the countdown clock does a great job of creating a sense of urgency and letting customers know that the sale won’t last long.

It’s also interesting to note StickerYou’s choice in discount strategy. While the discount isn’t as deep as you sometimes see with Cyber Weekend sales, offering 25 percent off is a great choice for the brand considering the revenue per receipt (RPR) for percentage-off promotions is an average of four cents higher than dollars-off discounts on Black Friday, based on 2019 data. 

Discount strategy aside, the creativity behind this campaign is enough to catch the eyes of almost any customer and get them to click that “Create Now” call-to-action (CTA). 

Black Friday Reminder

StickerYou isn’t shutting down their Black Friday sale once the clock hits 12:00 a.m. on Saturday—they’re giving customers a few more hours to shop 25 percent off.

And the way the copy and the imagery pairs together here is another genius move from the StickerYou team. Plus, it does a great job of showcasing an array of the brand’s products.

Business doesn’t stop on the weekend. Keeping the momentum going strong, especially with your most engaged segments and buyers is key. Like Aaliyah says, ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again,’” said Sam. 

In fact, continuing the momentum on the weekend is actually key to getting your customers’ attention when the competition is lower. 

Last year, the Saturday and Sunday following Black Friday saw an average of 6,997 and 6,887 discount-focused campaign sends per day, respectively, compared to 13,520 campaign sends on Black Friday in 2019. This means that taking advantage of the weekend will be essential for keeping customers engaged after Black Friday and into Cyber Monday.

But even though Cyber Weekend is the biggest shopping event of the year, Sam knows better than to batch and blast the emails to StickerYou’s entire email list.

We plan to vary the frequency of the BFCM batch campaign sends based on various levels of customer engagement. Higher value, higher frequency customers, will naturally receive more BFCM communication than newsletter prospects, occasional buyers, and lapsed customers,” said Sam.

Cyber Monday and Tuesday

Some brands offer their best sales on Black Friday. But some save the best for last—and StickerYou is the latter.

The fun isn’t over after Black Friday. StickerYou has a great deal in store for customers that stick around for Cyber Monday. Whether their customers were holding off in hopes for a larger sale or they already purchased and simply can’t resist the new savings, a bigger and better deal is sure to convert more customers.  

“This is the biggest show on earth, be there or be square. Cyber Monday is not so much about sound strategy as it is about a bold presence. This is one of the few occasions during the year where it’s acceptable to open up targeting far and wide, engaging the highest volume possible of opted in users. If there’s any time during the year that fringe or lapsed users are going to buy, it’s on Cyber Monday. Re-engage, maximize revenue, and accept a lower open rate this time around,” said Sam.

“We also plan to extend the excitement with an additional Cyber Tuesday email that adds yet another twist and turn to the ‘roller coaster of excitement’,” he said. 

But for StickerYou’s Cyber Tuesday twist, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Sticking with a cohesive content strategy for Cyber Weekend

StickerYou provides a great example of how design, copy, a smart discount strategy, and good timing all come together to create a unified Cyber Weekend marketing campaign. Between countdown timers that create urgency and cheeky GIFs that are sure to make customers smile, Sam, Jordana, and the rest of the StickerYou team have thought of it all. 

I can’t wait to see how StickerYou fares this Cyber Weekend, but clearly, this A-team knows what they’re doing when it comes to email marketing. 

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