Announcing Beyond Black Friday: A Klaviyo Docuseries [Watch]

Beyond Black Friday

Today, we’re thrilled to share the trailer for our new docu-series, Beyond Black Friday.

While Cyber Weekend has historically been the most significant time of the year for ecommerce merchants, we wanted to show three brands who are doing things differently with their marketing strategies — and ultimately finding massive success year-round.

In Beyond Black Friday, you’ll see how the teams at Chubbies, Sunski, and the Love Is Project are successful in keeping the momentum going beyond the holidays, sometimes in unconventional ways.

Starting next week, this twelve-episode series will premiere a new webisode each week as we follow how each brand prepares for Cyber Weekend, and markets during the holidays and beyond.

Along the way, we’ll fill you in on what you should be doing as a business to push your marketing strategy to the next level.

Stay tuned as the first episode goes live next week.

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