Year-Round Planning for Peak Season: How Sunski Drives Engagement With Segmentation [Watch]

This is part of a twelve-episode series, Beyond Black Friday, where we take a look at the marketing strategy behind three ecommerce brands who are doing things differently and are successful in keeping the momentum going through the holidays, some in non-conventional ways.

When Rich Krolikowski joined Sunski to lead their ecommerce marketing effort just 10 days before Black Friday in 2017, he was surprised to find there was no plan in place for Cyber Weekend.

That’s right, no plan.

"...I'll never forget, we sat down and my boss pretty much kicked off the meeting with, "What do you guys want to do for Black Friday, Cyber Monday?" And here we are about 10 days out and I was just kind of perplexed. I knew that there was going to be a lot of opportunities to really get ahead of the ball next year, or this year. "

Rich Krolikowski, Ecommerce Manager, Sunski

Luckily, Sunski had only sent around one or two promotions that year, so their list was full of folks ready to pounce on a great deal.

A lot has changed in the year since Rich first joined Sunski, a Bay Area maker of affordably priced polarized sunglasses.

Rebuilding with Automation & Flows

After getting through Black Friday, Cyber Monday 2017, Rich and the team dug into their email marketing strategy and at the beginning of 2018 completely overhauled it.

In the past, Sunski had sent large one-off campaigns to everyone on their email list. From talking with customers, looking at past sales, and a serious hunch, Rich knew there were different groups of customers they could be engaging with who would benefit from different marketing messages.

From that knowledge, Rich made a plan and defined exactly what they were trying to accomplish with their email marketing. Then he made a list of which strategies would help Sunski get there the fastest.

Once they kicked off a new tactic or strategy, they often would notice other opportunities they wanted to capitalize on. For example, adding auto-responders, like a back-in-stock flow, proved to be well worth the initial legwork.

“These little opportunities don’t really drive big revenue numbers” on their own or all at once, he said, but added together, they “have a very large incremental impact on our revenue throughout the year.”

How Sunski Embraces an Engaged List Strategy

These days one of Sunskis’ most successful email marketing efforts has been their 30, 60, and 90 day engaged list strategy. They send different messages to subscribers based on how recently someone has engaged with their emails.

Sunski also knows they have different tiers of customers, so they send different messages depending on their behavior and past purchase behavior. These tiers include VIPs, those who subscribe but don’t purchase, and those who only open during the holidays.

How You Can Level Up Right Now

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