How Just Strong Uses Automation To Vet Brand Ambassadors

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Just Strong (@juststrong) is a UK-based active lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering and motivating strong women. It sells fitness apparel online, and I was fortunate enough to chat with founder and CEO, Mark Robinson in the latest episode of Ready, Set, Grow. In this episode, I hear how he has built a thriving brand ambassador program by using automation to vet new ambassadors.

The need for an online community

When I sat down with Mark, one of the first questions I asked him was, “Why were you, a man, interested in founding a fitness brand centered around the idea of empowering women?”

The answer to Mark was simple. He was a trainer working full-time at a gym and he saw the camaraderie that women from a variety of different backgrounds had at the gym.

“I wanted to translate the community that they had into something online which recognizes people from no matter what background they are from, or what abilities they have,” he said.

Launching a brand online was a great place to connect women from all over the world and build a community.

A different kind of brand ambassador program

Mark was in search of feedback from members of his community, and after seeing a lot of organic social media start to pop up around his brand, he decided to launch a brand ambassador program.

Unlike many brand ambassador programs, Just Strong doesn’t just let everyone into the program who applies for it. The brand wants to make sure each of its brand ambassadors aligns with its brand values. That’s why Just Strong designed an automated vetting system that determines whether or not an applicant would be a great brand ambassador.

To find out just how Mark designed this automated screening, tune into this episode of Ready, Set, Grow.

Watch this episode of Ready, Set, Grow

Watch Now

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