40 Awesome Ecommerce Email Resources


As many eCommerce companies knows, email is a driving force behind business, so it’s one of the specific topics people are curious to know the latest trends, case studies, and best practices for. There is a very thin line between good marketing and pushy emails. Thankfully, many blogs and websites have devoted some–or all–of their blogging to email marketing. This large and helpful list of eCommerce resources feature just what every eCommerce store owner needs to know.

Building Your Email List

1. How to Grow Your Email List to 5 Digits and Beyond – This blog post features some great real world examples on how to generate a larger email list.

2. 5 Ways to Grow Your Email List with Social Media – This post has a ton of great examples that give some great suggestions on how to use social media to turn followers into subscribers.

3. 60 Ways To Grow Your Email List – This is a very detailed PDF including many different methods ranging from using a paper list to using Tweet Chats.

4. 15 Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List – This post is short and to the point, and it also offers a brief explanation of the difference between getting fans/followers and getting subscribers.

5. Top 10 Tips To Grow Your Email List – This post is geared more towards bloggers gaining an email list but the facts can also be applied to any eCommerce site; not to mention there’s a super helpful infographic.

6. How to Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers – This post is perfect for those who are just getting involved in online marketing. It’s a definite read for those who have under 100 subscribers.

Cool Campaign Ideas

7. Why Email Marketing is the Key to Ecommerce Success – This post by our friends at Shopify features some great graphs and interesting information about how successful email marketing is in comparison to social media marketing.

8. 5 Marketing Emails from Leading Online Retailers – This post takes a different approach by only looking at actual emails that major retailers have sent. It has great tips and gets to the point.

9. 5 Examples of Email Marketing on Cyber Monday – This post, as mentioned in its title, focuses strictly on techniques used on Cyber Monday. These tips are worthy of use during any time of the year though!

10. Five Ways To Reinforce Your Ecommerce Activities With Email Marketing – There is some great information in here. There’s a good amount of focus on reactivating old customers and rewarding loyal ones.

11. 9 Must Have Ecommerce Email Marketing Campaigns Based On Behavior – This post is very interesting mostly because it focuses on campaigns based on behavior instead of your run-of-the-mill, bland,  “here are my marketing tips” approach.

12. 3 Great Welcome Email Ideas for your Ecommerce Store – Sure we may be biased since it’s our post, but we are proud of the ideas in here and think you’ll find a ton of value.


13. 5 Quick Tips for Ecommerce Email Marketing Success – This post offers some great insight on mobile email responsiveness.

14. 10 Case Studies That Show the Power of Email Segmentation – This post is a relatively small list of various case studies with different brands. It definitely warrants a read.

15. Email Marketing: Segmentation, Triggered Sends Generate Twice the Revenue with Half as Many Email Sends for Furniture Company – This case study is extremely in-depth and goes through the step-by-step process the company took. If you need to prove the value of an email solution that allows for segmentation (like Klaviyo!) to your boss, definitely keep this post on hand.

16. Email Segmentation and Targeting Options – This blog post is formatted in a way that the advice is given in options, letting you know that any of them will work. Also, the post has some stellar infographics.

17. 4 Strategies to Optimize Your Email Segmentation Campaigns – This is an in-depth look into segmentation and why it works. The material and information is great.

18. The Most Overlooked Email Marketing Strategy: Segmentation – This post uses examples by big name retailers prove how well segmentation works.

Abandoned Carts

19. The Ultimate Guide to Abandoned Cart Nurturing – This post acts as a great reference when you’re stumped with anything abandoned cart related–trust us.

20. 3 Unexpected Reasons Your Customers Abandon Cart – This post has some great insight on some of the less thought about reasons for cart abandonment, including the predicament of browsing on a cell phone.

21. How to Capture & Nurture Early Purchase Intent Using Triggered Pop-ups – This post shows the correct–and less intrusive–way of using pop-ups before you even purchase anything.

22. [Case Study] Slow Shopping Cart Pages Are Killing Conversions. An Optimized Page Got a 66% Conversion Lift! – We can’t talk about abandoned carts without looking at the source of the problem – the conversion page. This is a handy study about the changes you can make here in addition to your nurturing campaigns.

23. E-commerce: Moving beyond shopping cart abandonment nets 65% more checkout conversions – This is a great case study about Envelopes.com, who combined their nurturing program with segmentation for some impressive results.

24. The Mega Guide to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment: Recover Your Lost Revenue – Why people leave, industry-wide data, and some examples of best practices for eCommerce nurturing. All in all a great post!

Mobile Email

25. Email Marketing Tips to Maximize Your Mobile Impact – There are some really practical tips to keep in mind in here about your emails when it comes to mobile.

26. 7 Tips to Make Your Email Marketing More Mobile Friendly – This write-up from DJ Waldow has some very actionable tips for your mobile emails.

27. Mobile Email Marketing: Tips for the Holiday Season – This post is full of awesome examples that are great for any time of the year.

28. Tips for Targeting Millennials with Mobile Email Marketing Over the Holidays – Another holiday post, I know. But this post discusses a survey about mobile usage among millennials and offers some good ideas for taking action on the findings.

29. Scalable, Fluid or Responsive: Understanding Mobile Email Approaches – This post from Litmus does a great job demystifying the design aspects of mobile email.

30. 25 Days of Inspirational Emails – An oldie but goodie. This month-long content series from LItmus offers TONS of great examples from major retailers and really digests what they are doing great with these email designs and what can be improved. Litmus always does a great job of looking at the big picture and discussing how these emails relate to mobile.

People to Follow on Twitter

31. @Youderian – Andrew quit his corporate banking job to launch his own online store, and now shares the lessons he has learned on eCommerce Fuel blog. He’s a Klaviyo customer and a really smart guy.

32. @BrianHonigman – Brian is a marketing consultant and writer who always shares great tips and marketing articles on Twitter.

33. @davechaffey – Dave runs Smart Insights and shares tons of great marketing tips each day.

34. @BootstrapEcom – Shabbir runs the blog Bootstrapping eCommerce and has great advice when it comes to eCommerce marketing.

35. @richardabls – Richard runs the fantastic blog A Better Lemonade Stand and blogs for Shopify. He’s a super smart eCommerce guy – give him a follow.

36. @mark_macdonald – Mark produces excellent content for the Shopify blog. He’s always got great tips to share.

37. @kirstenpetra – Kirsten is the VP of Marketing at BigCommerce, and prior to that she was on the marketing team at HubSpot. She’s one smart lady!

38. @jeffbullas – Jeff’s blog is full of great tips for all kinds of marketing, from email, to content to social.

39. @Ecommerceboy – Armando Roggio is eCommerce Boy – his Twitter feed is a treasure trove of fantastic eCommerce marketing articles. Give him a follow.

40. @tresnicmedia – This is a digital marketing agency and they are constantly Tweeting useful stuff.

Ecommerce Email Resources: Wrapping Up

There are so many different resources available for email marketing, that getting many different views can be very helpful.  We hope this mega list of blog posts can your go-to guide whenever you’re in need of some email marketing advice.

Did we miss any must read blog posts? Let us know in the comments!

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